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Eighteenth-Century Book Tracker indexes links to freely-available digital facsimiles of eighteenth-century texts available at sites like Google Books and the Internet Archive and connects those links to more complete bibliographic descriptions than are commonly available at those sites. This site provides a better way of discovering material that is available, but not always easy to find, or to identify once you've found it. The site aims primarily to serve students and scholars who are interested in reading eighteenth-century primary texts, but who do not have access to the expensive proprietary research databases commonly only available at well-resourced academic libraries.

Use the Search tab to search for eighteenth-century books and periodicals using a variety of parameters (author, title, date, etc.). Each listing collects a variety of links to available page-image scans for reading and download. The Periodicals tab provides an index specifically of periodical titles in the database, which list all available volumes sorted by volume number/year.

(If you've visited this site before, you'll see that some things have changed. You can read about those changes in the About tab.)