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Dampier, William - A New Voyage Round the World, Volume II, 1699 (ESTC R202687)

Dampier, William
Voyages and Descriptions Vol. II. In Three Parts, 1. A Supplement of the Voyage round the World, Describing the Countreys of Tonquin, Achin, Malacca, &c. their Product, Inhabitants, Manners, Trade, Policy, &c. 2. Two Voyages to Campeachy; with a Description of the Coasts, Product, Inhabitants, Logwood-Cutting, Trade, &c. of Jucatan, Campeachy, New-Spain, &c. 3. A Discourse of Trade-Winds, Breezes, Storms, Seasons of the Year, Tides and Currents of the Torrid Zone throughout the World: With an Account of Natal in Africk, its Product, Negro's, &c. By Captain William Dampier. Illustrated with Particular Maps and Draughts. To which is Added, A General Index to both Volumes
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Printed for James Knapton, at the Crown in St Pauls Church-yard
Publication Date: 
ESTC R202687

A mixed set.

  • Volume I is from the fourth edition, also 1699 (ESTC R2665);
  • Volume III is from a 1703 edition (ESTC T145976).