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Various - A Collection of Papers Relating to the Present Juncture of Affairs in England, 1688 (ESTC R9879)

A Collection of Papers Relating to the Present Juncture of Affairs in England. viz. 1. The Humble Petition of Seven Bishops to his Majesty. 2. Articles recommended by the Arch-Bishop of Canterbury, to all the Bishops and Clergy within his Jurisdiction. 3. Proposals of the Arch-Bishop, with some other Bishops, to his Majesty. 4. Petition of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, for Calling a Free Parliament; With his Majesty's Gracious Answer. 5. Vindication of the aforesaid Petition. 6. Extract of the States General their Resolution. 7. Prince of Orange his Letter to the English Army. 8. Account of a Design to Poison the Prince of Orange before he came out of Holland. 9. A Relation of a Strange Meteor, representing a Crown of Light, seen in the Air near the City of Orange. 10. Lord Del——r's Speech to his Tenants. 11. Prince of Denmark's Letter to the King. 12. The Lord Churchil's Letter to the King. 13. Princes [sic] Ann's Letter to the Queen. 14. A Memorial of the Protestants of England, to the Prince and Princess of Orange. 15. Prince of Orange his Declaration of Novemb. 28. 1688. from Sherborn-Castle
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ESTC R9879