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Marana, Giovanni Paolo - Letters Written by A Turkish Spy, 1801 (OCLC 6127202)

Marana, Giovanni Paolo
Letters Written by A Turkish Spy, Who Lived Five-and-Forty Years Undiscovered at PAris; Giving an Impartial Account to the Divan at Constantinople of the most Remarkable Transactions of Europe, and discovering several Intrigues and Secrets of the Christian Courts, (especially of that of France) from the Year 1637 to the Year 1682. Written originally in Arabic, Translated into Italian, and from thence into English
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A New Edition
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Printed for Vernor & Hood, J. Cuthell, Ogilvy & Son, Lackington, Allen, & Co. J. Walker, J. Nunn, R. Lea, and Otridge & Son, By Mundell & Son, Edinburgh
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OCLC 6127202