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Playford, John, ca. 1655-1685 or 6. - Vade mecum, 1753 (ESTC T221818)

Playford, John, ca. 1655-1685 or 6.
Vade mecum: or, The necessary pocket companion. Containing, I. Sir Samuel Moreland's perpetual almanack, (adapted to the new style) readily shewing the day of the month, and moveable feasts, and terms, for any year past, present, or to come, to the year 1899, inclusive; with many useful tables proper thereto, and rules to find them. II. Directions relating to the purchasing and measuring of land. III. Remarkable fairs in England, a tide-table, and a table of expence. IV. The years of each king's reign from the Norman conquest to this time. V. Directions for every month in the year, what is to be done in the orchard, kitchen, and flower gardens. VI. The reduction of weights, measures, and coins; wherein is a table of the assize of bread. VII. A table wherein any number of farthings, halfpence, pence, or shillings, are ready cast up; of great use to all traders. VIII. The interest and rebate of money; the forbearance, discompt, and purchase, of annuities. IX. The rates of post-letters, both inland and outland, according to the new establishment. X. An account of the penny-post. XI. The principal roads in England. XII. The names of the counties, cities, and borough towns in Great-Britain, with the number of knights, commissioners of shires, citizens, and burgesses, chosen therein to serve in Parliament. XIII. The usual and authorized rates or fares of coachmen, carmen, and watermen. XIV. Tables for casting up nobles, marks, and guineas. The eighteenth edition, carefully corrected, with additions and improvements. To which is added, interest in epitome; or, tables in a shorter method than any yet published, from 1 pound to 10 millions, at 3, 4, 5, and 6 per cent.
Edition Statement: 
The eighteenth edition, carefully corrected.
Place of Publication: 
Imprint Statement: 
Printed for R. Ware, on Ludgate-Hill; S. Birt, in Ave-mary-Lane; C. Hitch and L. Hawes, in Pater-noster-Row; and J. Hodges, over-against St Magnus's Church, London-Bridge.
Publication Date: 
ESTC T221818

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