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Goodman, John, 1625 or 6-1690. - A winter-evening conference between neighbours., 1720 (ESTC T90143)

Goodman, John, 1625 or 6-1690.
A winter-evening conference between neighbours. In three parts. By J. Goodman, D.D.
Edition Statement: 
The eleventh edition, corrected.
Place of Publication: 
Imprint Statement: 
Printed by W. B. [i.e. William Bowyer] for Dan. Brown, A. Churchill, J. Knapton, T. Horn, R. Knaplock, J. Wyat, D. Midwinter, R. Robinson, W. Taylor, J. Bowyer, W. Meers, R. Gosling, W. & J. Innys, B. Cowse. & J. Bateman.
Publication Date: 
ESTC T90143