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Amory, Thomas - Memoirs: Containing the Lives of Several Ladies of Great Britain, 1755 (ESTC T205966)

Amory, Thomas
Memoirs: containing the lives of several ladies of Great Britain. A history of antiquities, productions of nature, and monuments of art. Observations on the Christian religion, as porsessed by the established church, and diffenters of every denomination. Remarks on the writings of the greatest English divines: and a review of the works of the writers called infidels, from Lord Herbert of Cherbury, to the Late Lord Viscount Bolincbroke. With a variety of disquisitions and opinions relative to criticism and manners; and many extraordinary actions. In several letters.
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Printed for John Noon, at the White-Hart, near Mercer’s Chapel, in Cheapside
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ESTC T205966