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Anon. - Theatrical Records, 1756 (ESTC T72730)

Theatrical Records: or, An Account of English Dramatic Authors, and their Works
Place of Publication: 
Imprint Statement: 
Printed for R. and J. Dodsley, at Tully's-Head in Pall-mall
Publication Date: 
ESTC T72730

ESTC notes that the text has been attributed variously to Robert Dodsley and to William Rufus Chetwood, and that it was 'Apparently printed from the same setting of type, with new drop-head title, pagination and signatures as ’A list of dramatic authors, and their works’ in the fourth edition of ’An apology for the life of Colley Cibber’, 1756.' (i.e. ESTC T73426). The copy bearing shelfmark Percy 32 includes a lengthy MS note by Thomas Percy:

The Author of this Book was — Chetwood, formerly Prompter to Drury Lane Play House. — His List of ancient Plays deserves Credit no farther, than it is confirmed by Langbaine, [the Author?] having had the Dishonesty to forge both Titles and Dates, as I have been assured both by Mr. Capel and Mr. Garrick: who both convicted him upon the fullest Evidence, of forging the intire List of Titles which he has given of Shakespear[e's] Plays. Not one of which he could ever produce, tho' offered a large premium by th